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Promoting Your Accreditation

Does LQMS understand the accreditation schemes based on ISO standards and local regulations? 

LQMS is in an ultimate tool for bridging the gap if you are involved in the accreditation process/ maintaining accreditations.

 Key questions

  • Do you have a mechanism for managing the staff authorizations?
  • Do you have a mechanism for taking corrective action to ensure that the situation is remedied and not likely to recur?
  •  Do you have a mechanism to handle the document control process?
  •  Do you have mechanisms to monitor trends in quality performance before they become critical?
  •  Do you have mechanisms in place to scrutinize where improvements might be possible?
  •  Do you review the performance of your internal quality audits?
  •  Do you have the mechanism to verify the equipment’s traceability and calibrations?

LQMS is a powerful web-based application for operating a paperless quality management system (QMS), you will save a significant amount of time managing the system while improving its overall efficiency and compliance in accordance with every clause of ISO 17025:2017