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LQMS Enterprise Version provides a customizable and cost-effective solution for implementing a centralized Certification and Accreditation system across different areas of the company such as core business operations, audits/records, assessment, QA/QC enforcement, and customer data. Our software and customer data reside in a resolute and secure cloud database securely accessed from any internet-ready device. LQMS Enterprise Version centralized software and data structure enforce “Best Practices and Procedures” across divisions, to improve company efficiency, data integrity, and accuracy for any Certification or Accreditation process. 

Certification Management Software 


Certification and Accreditation have increased significantly in the Middle East.

With over two decades of field experience, the LQMS Enterprise “out-of-box” solution offers features and functionality based on actual Subject Matter Expert inputs. LQMS Enterprise systems and controls permit users to retain flexibility and decision over strategic initiatives while maintaining structured operating procedures for achieving key tactical performance indicators. We would encourage anyone to speak with the Certification and Accreditation clients using LQMS Enterprise software in the Middle East for validation on the product. References are available upon request.


Regulatory Compliance Management Software Features:

  • Time-Consuming paper-based Applications, Segregation, review, Approvals, and renewals
  • Automated   Quotations, Annual Contracts, Man day calculations, and Progressive Invoices & Receipts
  • Customized workflow management for Document review Team Building, Audit Planning, Audits & Corrective actions & Closure
  • Full control and visibility over Task Level approvals, Decision-Making, and Certification
  • Alerts, Reminders, and notifications for stage 1 & 2 Surveillance Audits
  • Timelines Suspensions, Scope expansion & Reductions
  • Document Control & Compliance
  • Risk assessments
  • Internal Audits
  • Managing Complaints & appeals
  • Customer Feedback and Surveys
  • ISO Compliant quality modules
  • Products, Standards, Specs, Locations Management
  • Managers Business Analytics dashboards 
  • Customer Portal
  • Mobile App for Assessors
  • Assessor Management
  • Single Calendar Displays all the upcoming Tasks
  • The expiration tracking system of all legal documents

Most of these functionalities are included within the out of the box solution and your industry-specific functional components can seamlessly integrate with the main module with little customizations 


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