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Features & Benefits

We develop and implement Management Information Systems ERP using the latest technologies to meet your unique requirements by working closely with your key staff.
  • Affordable, No hidden costs,
  • No failure rates, No unacceptable risk
  • We have the complete domain expertise
  • Ready to install & easy implementation

All modules in One Place.

We provide the most comprehensive platform for effectively managing the work, where you don’t need to open multiple windows for different applications, which means organizations can concentrate on analysis, decision-making and driving continual business performance. We provide complete solutions at a quarter cost of conventional software. This translates into a quick and significant return on investment in much shorter time periods.

Data Security & Backup and encryption

Your data will be store in your dedicated server or cloud database, and you are the custodian of your data, We ensure the access to your servers is restricted and encrypted.

Easy to Use

We made our Software is so easy to learn and use, elegant design with incredible depth and breadth in functionality, Our Software applications require little training and can be implemented in days rather than the months or years required by conventional software.

Scalable, Configurable, Branding

The scalability of LQMS Software allows organizations to choose the modules, Most of these functionalities are included within the out of the box solution and your industry-specific functional components can seamlessly integrate with the main module with little customizations .our dynamic platform supports your corporate branding – the application to display your corporate logo and colors.


At all times, our support  is available to your questions, fast support response times, comprehensive and customizable training, and extensive after-sales services

1. 24*7 Live support
2. Online Support Tickets
3. Remote Assistance via WebEx, Zoom, Skype Business and  Team viewer for technical issues
4. support helpdesk
5. System upgrades for major and minor releases
6. Online chat
8. Knowledge Base
9. Product FAQ
10. Training& Workshops


Product Upgrades 

LQMS will make sure the most updated version of the product will be installed in your running server as per the installation protocols , Whenever new features, functionalities, and Enhancements done in the core application.


We are from the same laboratory field for the last 20+years and thereby we offer the best solution fit for your organization. This philosophy leads to a thorough understanding of your business needs, which improves the likelihood of a successful project. All it gives is the right accurate information to reduce the turnaround time for the users,  management, and customers to make their jobs easier & to eliminate manmade errors, and to achieve standard requirements and regulatory compliance.